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Balance Bike info was created for YOU. 

We are here to share with you, show you, WOW YOU on what a balance bike can do for your child and give you the info you need to make a confident and informed decision.  

These pedal free bikes are seen in most cities, playgrounds, and events and are quickly starting to replace the more subdued and harder to use tricycle or bikes with training wheels.

Balance Bicycles, also known as run bikes, push bikes, or glide bikes, are free of pedals, chains and cranks which can get in the way of learning the basics... balance and coordination.

The child simply straddles the bike and walks forward. As confidence builds, they sit and walk, then run, and then glide! Some kids can actually accomplish this all by their 2nd birthday.

New brands and models have popped up on the market at full speed over the last few years and more arrive each year. There is now a pedal less bike out there for kids of all ages, even adults and all around the world!

Overwhelmed with all the choices you see online?  Drowning in balance bike info from multiple sources that doesn't guide you to a comfortable decision?  We plan on clearing this up for you.

How DO YOU buy the best toddler bike for your child?  People search for hours online for balance bike info trying to find which balance bike is best. Are they all the same size and quality?

The answer is that balance bikes do differ in size and quality.  Even all 12" bikes vary greatly in starting size, even though most companies state "fits ages 2-5".  We will review these facts on each of the bike review pages as well as the What Size Bike pages.

Different models will appeal to different families and children and we hope that we can give you details on each brand and model so you can make the best choice for your child.

Common Questions on Balance Bikes

  • Is my 22 month old really old enough for one of these things? (yes they are!)
  • What about my 5 year old?  Is he too old? 
  • I have a super tall 3 year old?  Is there one that will fit her?
  • Why not just buy a toddler tricycle or pedal bike with training wheels?
  • Is it a waste of money?  Why not just learn to pedal bike like I did as a kid? Roll down the driveway and crash a few times...
  • What about brakes and foot pegs?  Are they useful or get in the way?

We are here to help...

We are here to answer these questions and back it up with facts and specs, pictures and videos, reviews and testimonials.

We have years of hands on experience with lots of kids on pedal free balance bikes and a lot of parent feedback and questions.

We inspect, try out, investigate, and explore.

We look for the stamp of approval from kids and parents alike.

We find out how much a company cares about their product, quality control, and customer service. Find out what the warranty is on each bike and how easy (or not) it is to reach the company if you have questions.

Lets begin and soon YOU will become a balance bike expert!   Start with Balance Bike 101 if you are just trying to understand the concept. 

Ready to choose?  Jump to our What Size Bike page or the Balance Bike Reviews Page to dive right in. 

One thing is for sure - you won't go wrong in getting a balance bike for your child!  We hope this Balance Bike Info site will make it an easier and enjoyable adventure.